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Wood Stove Smoke

Wood Stove SmokeWood stove smoke does not necessarily have to be a problem. You can change the way the wood smells by the type of wood used. For example, it’s very bad to use any sort of artificial or pressed wood because burning will release the chemicals from the glue into the air, and that is far from healthy. But as long as you keep the stove pipe clean and properly clean and maintain the fire compartment inside the stove, you will not have a problem with wood stove smoke filling the house. But if you don’t keep everything clean, smoke will back up into your house, staining your walls and furniture, with the smell clinging to everything. But that doesn’t mean you have to fear it happening in your house. Plus, the smell of wood stove smoke can be very soothing, or at least encourage the image of a rustic, country home.

Of course, your home isn’t the only concern. You may not want to start pouring smoke into your neighborhood, especially if your neighborhood has a high number of children, senior citizens, or people with respiratory problems. Make sure your stove is the proper size for its use and location—a bigger stove doesn’t mean you will get more heat. Avoid allowing smoldering fires, and always use well-seasoned, dry wood, split for fires. You can also reduce the need for burning wood by making sure your house is energy efficient. Fire pollutants are serious and can cause serious harm, so make sure you have your stove inspected to verify it meets clean air standards.

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