Wood Stoves
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Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burning StovesWood burning stoves have been popular for centuries, but they haven’t always been totally effective. The reason the Franklin stove was so popular and still so widely used is that, unlike previous designs of stoves, it effectively heats a home without losing too much heat. Franklin stoves are not like pot belly stoves, because they are more open in the front than a closed face wood burning stove. Stoves fell out of favor as electricity and then gas became common in all homes, but that does not mean they are completely obsolete. They aren’t obsolete at all, and more people are beginning to see that when they seek out sources for heat besides electricity and gas. They could seek out other sources because they want to be more clean and easier on the environment. These people are more likely to use pellet burning stoves because they are greener and cleaner. Other people are seeking out wood burning stoves because they can control their heat and the price of that heat. Wood burning stoves may not be able to replace electricity and furnaces completely or in all instances, but they can certainly alleviate the pressure on furnaces and lower the general cost of heating throughout the winter.

There are many places to buy stoves, especially because they are growing in popularity by the year. You can find them in stores or online through online vendors. You can find stoves of all sizes and styles, which will make it easier to find one that fits your family and home.

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