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Pot Belly Wood Stoves

Pot Belly Wood StovesPot belly wood stoves have a very distinctive shape, which of course, gives them their names. They have four legs that keep them high from the ground, so that nothing on the floor is danger of catching fire from the stoves out pouring of heat. The stove itself is a closed box, as opposed to an open box like a fireplace or a Franklin stove. Pot belly wood stoves existed before Franklin stoves, and these sorts of stoves were partly what inspired Franklin to invent what he deemed  a superior product. The stove itself is a cylinder, and it looks like a man with a pot belly. The cylinder gets narrower right below the top, and then widens for the center—the party that looks like a pot belly—and then gets narrow again before widening at the bottom for the leg stands.

These types of stoves tend to be very small because they were originally designed to accommodate tight living spaces. They have a stove pipe that allows them to exhaust their smoke, and they have a closed front, though some might have a small window with grates to allow you to see the fire. Originally, they were kept for not only cooking, but also for warming the house. These days, most people don’t have any desire to cook over an open flame, but many people might have the desire to keep their houses warm with their cute, efficient, and little pot belly wood stoves. They are still widely available and enjoy a bit of popularity.

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