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Pellet Wood Stoves

Pellet Wood StovesA pellet wood stove is actually a contradiction, since pellet burning stoves are, by definition, not wood burning stoves. A pellet stove might be similar to a wood stove in a lot of ways. Obviously, both types of stoves are used to heat a home or living space. A pellet stove may even look like a wood stove to the point of being indistinguishable to the naked eye. You probably would not choose pellet wood stoves if you favor beauty over functionality, because pellet stoves exist for a specific reason. They are generally regarded as cleaner burning and more efficient than wood stoves, though that’s not always the case, and may not be the case in many different situations.

Pellets can refer to many different items that are all burned in pellet wood stoves. Pellets can even include dry corn. These are regarded as more environmentally friendly because they are seen as less destructive than regular wood burning stoves, and they don’ release the same amount of pollutants in the air as coal burning stoves. Not that pellet wood stoves don’t have their critics. They do. Some of the positive claims about stoves that burn pellet may not be easily proven in different settings. Also, pellets are not necessarily cheaper, and depending on what you’re burning, they’re not necessarily better for the environment. So before purchasing this sort of stove, you might want to ask around to other people who own them to get opinions. Or calculate how much it would cost in comparison to a wood stove.

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