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EPA Certified High Efficiency Woodstove

EPA Certified High Efficiency WoodstoveIf you’re searching for a new wood stove, then the best place to start is the is the EPA certified list. The EPA is the Environmental Protection Agency, and their biggest concern is eliminating or minimizing pollution that will harm the environment. A complete list of all the EPA certified high efficiency woodstoves is available on the EPA website at http://www.epa.gov/woodstoves/basic.html. The reason that you would want to start there is that these wood stoves have a minimum amount of smoke, a minimum amount of ash, and a minimum amount of fuss.

The EPA certified high efficiency woodstoves come in three different sizes with different recommendations for each size. Small wood stoves can be used in small living spaces, like the old-fashioned bungalows or cottages. Or you could use small wood stoves in large houses with old furnaces by focusing on zone heating. If the living room or the second floor need to have more heat than other rooms in the house, you can install a small wood stove. A medium stove is more suitable for medium homes or cottages used in the winter. They can also be used in conjunction with older furnaces. The large stoves are best for larger homes or homes that have a lot of heat leakage during the winter months. Regardless of the EPA certified high efficiency woodstove you choose, you should also look into make your home more energy efficient. That means winterizing your house, calking windows, updating the insulation, and other similar steps.

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