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Coal and Wood Stoves

Coal and Wood StovesWhen people talk about the rising cost of fuel, they generally mean the way they’re getting hit at the gas pumps. The cost of gas is an obvious and daily reminder of how much energy costs these days. But these costs are being felt in other places, especially during the long winter months in the colder climates. Electricity and gas are both more expensive, and it costs more and more to keep a house suitably warm, especially for people with small children or old and frail relatives. As the price of fuel climbs, other sacrifices have to be made, which is yet another constant reminder of how untenable the situation has become. That is why more and more people are looking into alternative routes for heating their homes. These routes can include coal & wood stoves, which are fairly easy to install, will heat a good amount of space, and only require the initial annual investment in fuel like coal and wood. Coal & wood stoves can be installed in almost any home, and while they are by no means convenient as electric heaters, they are also more affordable on a daily basis.

Why is that? Well, it’s actually relatively simple. First, you can find coal & wood stoves for cheaper than you can find some furnaces, especially if you shop around for a previously owned or used model. Second, instead of paying hundreds of dollars every month, you invest in wood or coal, and then meter it out over a period of months. This means you will not feel the strain on a month to month basis when it comes to your budget. Third, it reduces the amount of variable costs.

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