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Ceramic Wood Stoves

Ceramic Wood StovesCeramic wood stoves are wood burning stoves that are made out of ceramic tiles. Popular in the nineteenth century, these stoves were far too expensive to produce in mass numbers, and as a result, you would find that only the wealthiest people had these rare and artistic pieces. Ceramic wood stoves did not gain in popularity even though the manufacturing process would have become easier and cheaper throughout the years. Mainly that’s a result of the fact that wood stoves in general were replaced by cheaper or more efficient ways of heating a home, especially as more and more houses had electricity after the beginning of the twentieth century. Ceramic wood stoves are undoubtedly beautiful, but they are considered to be antique pieces, and in some cases, antique pieces of art.

On the other hand, ceramic wood stoves are often highly sought after by people who wish to heat their homes with alternative, cheaper sources of energy. The biggest selling point for a stove made of ceramic tiles is that it will retain and generate heat for hours after the fire is out. That means you can use less fuel to heat a larger space for longer amounts of time. In this time when heating prices are going through the roof and most people are looking for ways to become "more green," the benefits of finding and installing ceramic wood stoves are obvious. There are manufacturers who produce and sell ceramic wood stoves now, so if you don’t want to invest in an antique stove, you don’t have to.

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